High communication network uptime primarily demandsfull visibility of telecom tower active and passive assets performance. Such knowledge inherentlybringsmulti-dimensional benefit to operations departments and totallytransforms the business of TelCo/ TowerCo. Invendis IIoT based Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS)fully eliminates Tower Operations Center’s(TOC) dependency on traditional methods with a modern agile solutions stack that includes mobile applications in the forefront to IIoT hardware at the hostile edge with anall-encompassing middleware to connect to other OEM/BSS/OSS and a highly evolved Tower Operations Center Platform

Wider geographies of telecom infrastructure increase security threats and upkeep efforts.Invendis unified platform provides the perfect solution to such problems.Invendis’s carefully designed clever Machine Learning iSense hardware at the edge,timely provides vital assets parameters and alarms to the NOC, triggering important enterprise operational processes at Invendis’s iTOC / PIZ Gloria NOC platform and empowers back office and field work force to take decisions on the go,resulting ina greater control on CAPEX & OPEX while catapultingthe enterpriseto higher levels of asset performance and operational efficiencies.

Key Features

Alarm Management

AC & DC Energy Consumption Monitoring

Air Conditioner & Environmental Parameter Monitoring

Power Plant Monitoring & Control

Generator Monitoring & Control

Real Time Fuel Monitoring

Battery Health Monitoring

Security, Surveillance And Access Control

Software Features

  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Environmental parameter monitoring
  • Alarm management
  • Tower site passive equipment interface
  • Generator monitoring
  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Security, surveillance and access control

Energy consumption monitoring

  • Grid energy and run time
  • Generator energy and run time
  • Battery energy and run time
  • Renewable source energy and run time

Environmental parameter monitoring

  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Alarm management

  • Direct PFC Alarm interface
  • Smart threshold alarms

Tower site passive equipment interface

  • Aircon Controller
  • Rectifier Controller
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Generator Controller

Generator monitoring

  • Generator hybrid control
  • Power Parameters
  • Generator battery
  • Generator safety

Real-time fuel monitoring

  • Fuel level
  • Water Contamination Detection
  • Fuel lid tamper Status

Real-time fuel monitoring

  • Battery Performance
  • Individual Battery Cell
  • Charge / Discharge

Security, surveillance and access control

  • Door alarm
  • Camera
  • Smart Door access
  • Motion Sensing