About Canopus International

Canopus International have partnered with Invendis Technology to design, develop and market most widely usable remote monitoring systems and services to global infrastructure companies to enable them to monitor, control, maintain and manage their distributed infrastructure assets efficiently.

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iSense is the brand name of IoT RMS/ RTU/ Loggers/ Gateways/ Controllers that we produce to fit different industrial applications. It comes in various form factors to suit corresponding technical requirements.

At its core it is an IoT computing device with embedded software application(s) that interfaces with the site equipment, connects to sensors and to other third party systems that needs to be monitored and controlled. Its intelligent and configurable M2M/ AI algorithms help customers to reduce decision making through automation as well as to optimize costly data transmission expenses.

It is also capable of raising logical alarms, receive OTA commands and provide remote access to site equipment for quick actions. Big Data captured by iSense lays the foundation for Analytics enabling enterprises to take data driven decisions.

Our comprehensive software solutions that are suitable for a range of industrial applications

iTOC/ Piz Gloria is a highly scalable cloud enabled NOC software platform specially designed to visualize remote asset performance, power sources & loads, to capture environmental parameters, and support site security. It is designed to facilitate operations departments with alarms, dashboards and analytics. The software is suitable as a NOC for MNO / Telcos, TowerCos. It can also be used by Utilities and other Enterprises as a Unified Command & Control Center.

mTOC is a mobile application that enhances productivity of field workforce by; making remote site data available at their fingertips and also empowering them with facilities to remotely control assets, change parameter settings, manage workflows and indent for spares on the go.

iSol is an end to end software application for monitoring all aspects of solar power plants. It tabulates Performance Ratio, Carbon Foot Print and analyzes weather data to forecast power generation.

mSurvey is a task and project management mobile application that provides editable forms for enlisting tasks, enabling work completion data collection and empowering workforce to work smarter and faster in the field with easy and efficient data updates right on their mobile devices. Its ability to; automatically capture location information and image capturing, makes it an ideal tool for routine field jobs, project works and for evidencing work completion.


Telecom Remote
Monitoring Solutions

iSense along with iToc / Piz Gloria provide an end to end remote monitoring, management & control solution of telecom tower sites; It helps optimizing energy consumption whereby reducing carbon footprint. It also triggers maintenance work orders from a central platform and provides advanced surveillance security features…..


Solar Remote
Monitoring Solution

iSense along with iSol provide an end to end remote monitoring, management & control solution for Solar Plants; Monitoring Energy Generation, inverter(s) parameters and also capturing the plants environmental conditions, Co2 saved, along with smart notification, downloadable reports, and much more….


Work Force

Our Work Force Management (WFM) maximizes performance levels and competency of field staff. It improves their productivity, provides full visibility of tasks at hand and enables team(s) to proactively collaborate, prepare and execute jobs.…


Our Battery Monitoring System records and transmits battery performance data till the end of the battery life. In combination with intelligent algorithms it alerts technicians on deteriorating battery parameters prompting timely replacements thereby preventing deterioration of the whole battery bank….

Diesel Generator
Monitoring Solution

Diesel generators are extremely important especially where grid power is unreliable or absent. It is crucial to monitor them to prevent power outages and downtime. Invendis DG remote monitoring system provides access to generator control functions and makes available vital operational data regarding its performance and upkeep. In combination with fuel monitoring system, it helps in ….

Energy Meters
and End to End Billing

Our smart energy meters are most suitable for sub-metering and billing purposes. Combined with our IIoT solutions we provide End to End Automation of Energy Measurement and Billing Process.