Solar Remote


Invendis i-Sol aids in monitoring, controlling and optimizing solar power plant performance. Our solution combines various distributed equipment into one system providing control over the entire plant. It is highly versatile, fulfilling the demands for monitoring, control and analysis be it Off-Grid or On-Grid, Residential or Commercial Roof Top Solar PV Systems orUtility Scale ground mounted projects.

In the heart of the solution is Invendis iSense; a plug and play hardware that provides interfaces to inverters of any make and model** capturing all relevant power plant parameters. It also interfaces with energy meters, combiner boxes and weather sensors enabling a comprehensive view of power plant performance.

Invendis i-Sol monitoring portal records all relevant system data transmitted by iSense and provides full view of plant performance in a single dashboard. It also produces variety of reports that are well suited for onward submissions for EPC contractual obligations and O&M purposes.

Key Features

  • Multi-vendor support
  • Data visualization
  • Alarms
  • Remote configuration
  • Comprehensive visualization of all assets
  • Plant performance reports and analytics

Multi-vendor support

  • String & central inverters
  • Energy meters and weather monitoring stations
  • String combiner/ junction boxes

Data visualization

  • LIVE working status view
  • Real-time energy updates & alarms
  • Interactive charts/graphs
  • Flexible data grids to view plant data 24/7
  • Site layout visualization
  • Flexible reports
  • Generation forecast


  • Real-time equipment status alarms.
  • Escalation and notification to plant personnel

Remote configuration

  • Remotely configure inverter energy output
  • Inverter on/off

Comprehensive visualization of all assets

  • Centralized monitoring platform
  • Configurable threshold control
  • Customizable views/reports

Plant performance reports and analytics

  • Monthly, daily and instantaneous data reports
  • Comparative analysis
  • Predictive energy generation
  • Alerts on reduced site performance
  • Performance parameter monitoring viz PR, CUF, CO2