About Us

About Canopus International

Canopus International have partnered with Invendis Technology to design, develop and market most widely usable remote monitoring systems and services to global infrastructure companies to enable them to monitor, control, maintain and manage their distributed infrastructure assets efficiently.


  • Design and Develop
  • Measuring and Monitoring
  • Software & Firmware

We design and develop integrated IIoT solutions using most modern systems architectures supported by our state-of-the-art development and testing facilities.

  • Our mature design and development processes helps reduce development time, expensive hardware selections and avert interoperability failures.
  • Our high-end prototyping facility carries out through systems integration,verifications and validations.
  • We work with diverse sets of technologies, sensors, protocols, wired and wireless communication channels and RTU

We are the best when it comes to remote monitoring Sensors for Measuring and Monitoring

  • Power types – AC & DC
  • Power Sources – Grid, Solar, Diesel Generator& Fuel, Battery, Inverter, Rectifier
  • Environment –Temperature, Fire, Water, Ice, Smoke,
  • Security – Access Control, Surveillance

Software & Firmware for Business Process Automation

  • Algorithms –Develop AI algorithms utilizing M2M learnings
  • Operations Center Software Platform, Workforce Management and Field Support Mobile Applications
  • Analytics – Creating data catalogs from Big Data/ Production Data providing diagnostic, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

What Do We Do?


We manufacture innovative and agnostic.

IoT, M2M and AI hardware & software products. Our hardware products can be installed in all weather conditions where as our software can be deployed in VM, Cloud as well as in traditional environments.

Smart and Secure Sites

Our products are used to make remote site equipment smart as well as to secure them with advance alarming & notifications transmitted on near real-time basis.

Empower Field Force

We improve field force productivity by not only enabling them with smart mobile applications for  monitoring remote site equipment but also empower them with technology todirectly access and control these equipments from anywhere.